151 East 58th Street 

Stunning views surround this 9,000 sq ft.  duplex with 16 rooms. The duplex includes five bedrooms and more than six bathrooms for ultimate comfort. The kitchen has newly remodeled appliances and floor-to-ceiling windows. It is currently owned by hedge fund operator Steve Cohen. This home is worth $57.5 million. 

56 Leonard Street 

Enjoy panoramic views of New York City from every window in this beautiful duplex. Floor- to- ceiling windows surround the whole property. The building is one of a kind in New York City with its asymmetrical design. Homeowners have the pleasure of overlooking the Brooklyn Bridge from their living room window! This home is worth $61 million. 

100 East 53rd Street 

Have you ever wanted to live in a 6,760-square-foot penthouse in New York City? Panoramic views of the whole city can be seen from almost every window. The building offers residents out of this world amenities such as a 60-foot pool, yoga rooms, a sauna, a library, and a culinary market to name a few. Residents do not have to walk a long way to enjoy dinner with a five- star restaurant right in the building! This home is worth $65 million. 

635 West 42nd Street 

This is the dream home of many because of its fabulous amenities and of course the spacious 10,000 sq ft. living area of the property! Some perks of living in this apartment include receiving a Lamborghini Aventador Roadster, courtside season tickets for the Brooklyn Nets, a private chef, and butler services to just name a few. This home is worth $85 million. 

50 United Nations Plaza 

A penthouse with its very own private pool and views of the New York City Skyline! The duplex penthouse is approximated to be 9,700 sq ft. and features two-story bay windows for optimal views of the city. Owners have the pleasure of having floor-to-ceiling windows in almost all of the rooms. This home is worth $70 million.