Australian Real Estate

16 11, 2018

Where is the Safest Place in the World for Real Estate Investment?

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According to new research released by Scope Investor Services, Australia has been ranked the safest country for real estate investment followed by the United States and the Netherlands, while Venezuela has ranked as the least safe. Their analysis of 52 countries from the global real estate market report puts Germany in fourth place, then Switzerland, [...]

25 07, 2018

Australian (Whitsundays) Luxurious Destination Event Space Up for Auction.

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Jaw-dropping Queensland residence,"Botanica Whitsundays", is set to sell to the highest online bidder on August 6. The spectacular Whitsundays home has a license and permits to host up to 160 parties a year.  In previous years, the property has played host to corporate events, destination weddings and private parties creating an opportunity to generate revenue from the abode. Included [...]