Which city should you buy your first home?

Millennials, the late-blooming generation, are finally buying homes for the first time. High market prices, low inventory, and sluggish wage growth are not making it easy for them, however.

Out of the 45% of all buyers who are investing for the first time, 37% choose to make down payments of 20% or more. Knowing which city to make the first investment might be helpful for beginners, considering 44% of all buyers move out of their current city anyway.

A recent study from Zillow identified the top 10 cities where first time buyers could find affordable down payments and the bottom 10 cities where it would be the most difficult.

Out of the 35 cities studied, the shortest time you would have to spend saving for a down payment on a home would be in Chicago. It would take an average of three years to save up for a 20% downpayment on starter real estate in the Second City.

The next runners up were Dallas, Detroit, and Baltimore with the average millennial income requiring just under four years of savings to reach an average down payment.

The worst city in the report was Portland, Oregon. The average millennial would have to save for 13 years to afford a 20% down payment on average for a home in Portland.

The next worst cities were Denver, San Jose and Riverside, California where it would take the average millennial just over 10 years of steady income to accumulate enough savings to invest in 20% of a house.