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7 07, 2017

Renting with bad credit


Renting with bad credit Let’s face it, things don’t always go as planned. This is especially true with the recent recession. No matter how great your intentions might have been, money mistakes happen. And when they do – they can haunt you. But, just because your credit history isn’t ideal, doesn’t mean you can’t rent [...]

Renting with bad credit2017-11-16T00:31:08-05:00
7 07, 2017

Secure Your deposit


Secure Your deposit Most rental agreements will require you to put down a security deposit, which protects the property manager or owner in case you skip town or damage the apartment in some way. The amount of the security deposit will vary, but it’s usually mostly refundable (a smaller portion of the deposit might be [...]

Secure Your deposit2017-11-16T00:31:08-05:00
7 07, 2017

Bed bugs-How to get rid of them


Bed bugs-How to get rid of them Several years ago the stories began hitting the airwaves. Pockets of the U.S. were experiencing a growing number of bed bug invasions. These annoying critters hadn’t been much of an issue throughout the 1900s, but now they were quickly becoming a serious concern. If you think you may [...]

Bed bugs-How to get rid of them2017-07-07T19:00:49-04:00
7 07, 2017

Toilet Issues


Toilet Issues Sure your apartment has a superintendent that handles most of the repairs, but when you have toilet issues most of the time a fix is needed ASAP. In this post, we’re providing some DIY advice for correcting common toilet problems as well as pointing out when a pro will be needed to get [...]

Toilet Issues2017-11-16T00:31:08-05:00
7 07, 2017

Did I break my lease?


Did I break my lease? Even good renters that stay out of trouble can sometimes find themselves in hot water. People often break their lease without even knowing why or intending to do so. Here are eight of the most common ways that people accidentally break their leases. Not Replacing Filters, Light Bulbs and Batteries [...]

Did I break my lease?2017-07-07T18:59:08-04:00
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